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Murray's cold case is about to heat up.

Feature Film

"A tale of sex, drugs and mobility scooters"

"A bittersweet comedy"




Just your standard detective story right? Well no, because both men are now in their seventies. And Murray’s crime scene is Knightsbridge Gardens,
a rest home where life is anything but restful, and where the residents are determined to go out with a bang instead of a whimper.

When one of the residents dies, Murray is
convinced it’s murder. As the body count begins
to rise, Murray must put his own life in danger,
breaking out all the old skills to compile enough
evidence to nail his man. But how will he ever find any reliable witnesses in here to build a case? How much help can he rely on from his superiors? And never mind the dangerous Frank, will he be able to escape the clutches of the sex-starved Dorothy and Esther?

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